The Ridge Road residence – an establishment that perfectly integrates into the peninsula landscape

The Ridge Road residence is a contemporary project recently completed by StudioFour. It’s located on Mornington Peninsula in Australia and has a minimalist design that allows it to seamlessly integrate into the beautiful landscape. The simplicity of the design matches that of the surrounding area and the colors also match perfectly.The site on which the residence was built has a simple and yet dramatic feel. IT’S why the project had to adapt the same characteristics as well.

The brief for the project was simple.The requirements were clear and straight to the point and the result was more than pleasing. The site is characterized by a steep slope and it also features a single tea tree which helps capture the essence of the landscape. Visually, the residence is compact and minimalist. The exterior is black which contrasts with the sandy slope and the vegetation.

The shape of the building was the result of the client’s desire to visually and functionally separate the private space from the public areas. The house was built on a platform that does not cancel the slope and the topography of the site, like in the case of the surrounding residences. This platform also allows the outdoor areas to sit above ground level and creates continuity between the internal and external areas. The design strategy for this project was to create a series of terraced decks that embrace the landscape.

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