The residential conference crystal by MHM architects

This crystal-shaped building is located in Lienz, Austria and it was designed by MHM architects. It’s a very oddly-shaped building with an unusual design. Even though it should seem out of place, this giant crystal integrates nicely into the landscape. From certain angles it even seems like a natural part of the scenery.

The crystal is a residential conference and seminar space. It has a floor space of 600 square meters and it’s large enough for 30 persons to fit in without feeling crowded. It’s a building that is both residential and commercial. It’s half office and half home. The interior includes workshops, a conference room and a series of living spaces. The interior is functionally organized. The residential zone is one the lower level. This space includes a living room and kitchen that share the same volume as well as two bedrooms with bathrooms. The upper level contains a conference room with a bathroom and service room.

The building is made of tinted glass. It has no windows and this meant that the architects needed to find an alternative light source. They used artificial light in the darker spaces while the other ones can still benefit from some natural light. This crystal-shaped structure was built in 2010 and not only that it has a unique design but it also sits in a very beautiful area with wonderful views and landscape that is reflected in the glass surface of the building.

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