The Red Miele Light Box Pavilion

This is the Miele Light Box, a pavilion designed by Gonzalo Mardones Viviani. It’s located in Huechuraba, Santiago, Chile. It was a project designed for MIELE with the help of Orlando Gatica, Douglas Leonard, Pablo Qualitz, Sebastian Marshall and Bang & Olufsen.

The construction ended in 2011, more exactly somewhere between October and November. It occupies a total surface of 120 square meters and it’s a sort of pavilion designed to reflect the best of Miele’s products. The client’s had some very specific requests and making them real wasn’t easy. On one hand, the project needed to transmit the idea of lightness. To make that happen, the architects designed a structure that seems to levitate above the ground without touching it.

Another important aspect was related to color. The façade and the pillars have been painted red and this really makes the structure stand out. The pavilion features glass walls on both sides and this allows lots of natural light to get in and it also allows expansive views of the surrounding landscape. Inside, the central element is the bell that has also been painted red and that is hanging above the main counter. All the furniture has been designed by Orlando Gatica and it’s very beautiful and stylish. It’s a combination of black and red and it looks really nice when combined with the white ceiling and the grey floor.{found on archdaily and pics by Nico Saieh}

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