The Queen Anne Mid-Modern Residence by Coop15

The already existing mid-century house from the site just got a new addition. It’s not just any addition. The idea behind this project was to try to preserve as much as possible the design, the lines and the character of the existing home and to create an extension with the same characteristics but that would also be a little more modern.

The residence was originally built by architect Paul Hayden Kirk and it was a very beautiful creation. The house got a contemporary update and the team working at this project managed to do that by using materials such as cedar planks for the walls and ceiling of the upper level. On this level are situated the kitchen, the living and the dining areas. These rooms have large windows that allow panoramic views over the trees and the surrounding landscape. They also let in lots of natural light.

The interior is very bright and not only because of the windows. There’s also a row of skylights in the roof that help with the illumination during the day. They also allow beautiful views during the night. This level is almost entirely wrapped in wood. It’s a material that transition from inside to the outdoor area, into the deck. A contrast is created between the wood and the grey composite fiberglass shingles from the roof and walls. Overall, the extension is exactly how the clients wanted. It preserves the charm of the original but it also has its own contemporary character.{found on designboom and pics by Will Austin}.

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