The Private Edge Residence

Edge House is definitely another type of house, one you would have never imagined. It is located in Kansai district, Osaka, Japan and it is one of the most original contemporary residences, on the edge made by Japanese studio Noriyoshi Morimura Architects. Made of concrete and glass, it is a building with a very strange shape, which makes you think it also has a complicated structure.

If the shape is strange, it does not mean that the result is not a successful one. No matter where you are, there must be a nice view in front of your eyes, either the landscape or the interior of the house. The form of the building gives the impression of a complicated construction, but the inside proves to be quite simple in its black and white tendencies, with wide glass windows, which seem to provide even more space and reveal the surrounding area, with elegant and modern furniture that proves good taste.

The two levels of the residence seem to be perfect, each of them creating a  pleasant atmosphere, thanks to the open space which makes you feel at ease, no matter you are with your family or all your friends, as there is enough place for everybody. The lighting is pleasant and creates a certain mood, relaxing and comfortable, the way any home should have.

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