The Premium Eco Home Soleta zeroEnergy in Bucharest, Romania

Every day we try to find solutions for the major problems of the humanity. One of them is related to the consumption of energy and we are constantly coming up with new and innovative solutions for this issue. The latest development was Soleta zeroEnergy. It’s a new concept of eco homes the proptotype can be found in Bucharest, Romania. Developed by Justin Capra Foundation for Inventics and Sustainable Technologies (FITS), this prototype is based on several major principles.

Soleta is a home that’s versatile, eco-friendly, affordable and that has minimal energy consumption. It’s a concept that could be adapted to permanent homes, vacation retreats, offices, social spaces and all sorts of other developments. Soleta manages to reduce energy consumption by minimizing loss and with the help of energy-saving measures.

It uses renewable energy forms such as geo, solar, wind or hydro. Also, it features efficient ways of using conventional forms of energy when these renewable sources are not available.

As for the design of the house, it’s modular and flexible. Soleta is a modern structure with a design meant to increase functionality and comfort. The difference between this project and regular low-energy homes is that this one is more comfortable. Most such homes create discomfort for their inhabitants because of things like the over-insulated shell and the lack of interaction with the environment.

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Soleta, on the other hand, is much more user-friendly. It was built with locally-sourced renewable materials, it has polyurethane thermal insulation and a structure made of glue-laminated wood with a wooden roof. It has a 48 square meter interior and a 22 square meter exterior terrace.



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