The Prefab Glass Unit That Can Pop Up Anywhere You Want

Prefabricated structures are not exactly news these days so it would take a pretty interesting concept or design for such a project to stand out from all the others. We actually found such a thing. It’s a unit called ÖÖD which was initially developed to serve as a sort of pop-up hotel room but it turned out to be so versatile that it can actually adapt to a variety of settings and requirements.

This small unit is a prefab structure which can be easily assembled in any locationIts mirrored glass facade allows it to blend in and to look natural in both rural and urban settingsThe mirrored facade also ensures privacy while fully exposing the views of the surroundings

The most notable detail about the unit would have to be its mirrored-glass exterior. It’s what allows it to blend into the surroundings so well and what makes it great for both rural and urban settings. The units are designed and manufactured in Estonia and they started out as a local option with plans to expand to an international market.

The unit is also modular and multifunctional, able to adapt to various settings and requirementsIt was primarily intended to serve as a pop-up hotel roomThis is a structure that could serve as a holiday retreat, giving the owner the freedom to choose the preferred location

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It only takes around 8 hours to install one of these amazing units and, because they have such a small footprint (only 18 square meters) no building permits are required (at least not in Estonia). These structures are moveable and modular and they make pretty great holiday homes. Each unit can accommodate two to three people and includes all the basic living essentials.

The interior of the unit is small but very open and airy thanks to the expansive glass wallsThe interior is equipped with all basic living essentials and its simplicity keeps it fresh and invitingThe sleeping area gets to enjoy the most amazing views, being exposed to the surroundings

The layout of the units is that of a studio. It includes a kitchenette, a living area, a bathroom and a sleeping area with a large custom-made bed. The bed has a pull-out platform which reveals an extra sleeping area in case it’s needed. It faces the mirrored glass walls and it’s enveloped in the views.

The bed has a pull-out module which offers an extra sleeping areaThe wood that covers the walls, floor and ceiling maintains a warm and welcoming ambiance

The installation of these units is easy. They can be put together in eight hours and they have to be hooked up to internet, water, sewage and electricity supplies. Plans were made to also introduce off-grid solutions for remote locations. You can get one of these units for 33,000 euros. The price includes everything, even the custom-made furniture.

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The partitions between the spaces are small or inexistent yet this doesn’t take away the intimacyEvery unit comes with built-in home automation, adjustable floor heating and LED lightingIt’s a bit unusual to have such an exposed decor and knowing you’re actually well concealed inside



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