The Prefab Flood Proof House

The Prefab Flood Proof House by Studio Peek Ancona is located at a quarter mile from the fault that is seen in San Andreas is a unique piece of architecture in form of a house. The flood proof house stands as a prototype, to be used in flood stricken areas. Its min property is its ability to remain intact even in the aftermath of a flood or even a tsunami.

Steel frame joints are effectively used in some of its areas in order to portray its usability as a local scenario as well as a global one. The building comfortably uses thirty percent less of the materials required for the threshold of any flood proof buildings around so many places.

The main reason for its strength through flooded areas is the foundational base that it has been set on. The foundation is one that can withstand massive forces of strain, giving the building a form of stability that is extra-ordinary.


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