The Porche Pavilion from Wolfsburg, Germany

Located in the center of the theme park at the Autostand in Wolfsburg, Germany, the newly completed Porsche Pavilion resembles a large sculpture and has a silhouette that’s characteristic to the brand. Its design is minimalist and contemporary and has been derived from the Porsche brand image. The pavilion features a delicate shape with curvilinear lines and bends and this allows it to have a dynamic and yet subtle look.

This is a large scale piece of art, a sculpture that offers 400 square meters of space used to host exhibitions and presentations. The pavilion was designed by HENN and features a fluid and continuous look. It captures the dynamic flow of driving and immortalizes it in this amazing building. It features stainless steel cladding with a matte finish and has a homogenous structure. Also, the continuously changing appearance depends on the light and the weather conditions.

The entrance to the pavilion is very impressive. It’s a beautiful bending structure that cantilevers 24 meters over the lagoon and shelters the external space. The large, asymmetrical roof is the main attraction and allows the building to have a contemporary and futuristic look. The area below the cantilever of the roof is an open space that is also visually connected to the surrounding landscape. Given its shape, it forms its own acoustic enclosure. There are no visual delimitations between the roof and the facade. They form a continuous, flowing structure.

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