The PinBall house – a modern residence with sculptural flair

The PinBall House is located in Silkeborgsøerne, Denmark and is owned by the Andersen family. Designed by CEBRA, the house is as interesting as its name suggests. The eye-catching structure occupies an area of 506 square meters and is designed in such a way that the residents can admire views of the lake from almost every room.

The house is almost cube-shaped and has a compact but open and light design. The large windows and the glass walls capture the marvelous views and connect the interior spaces to the outdoors. The front of the house is completely opened to the exterior and the ground floor also has a small deck which makes the transition more natural. Most of the interior walls are made of glass and this gives the interior a very open and airy look. The rooms are visually connected to each other and light penetrates the walls and invades the whole house.

The staircase is one of the focal points of the interior design. It has an unusual and sculptural design and is actually made of two parts. One is a simple wood staircase and the other is a gray extension which gets as you go down the stairs. The ceiling is also very interesting. It has round openings of different sizes all over its surface and is one of the elements which inspired the name of the project.

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