The perfect Kindergarten

A kindergarten must be a very safe place, without any dangerous things near children.  With the budget of 851.722,56 €, in 2009, the architects of Duch-Piza Arquitectos  managed to make in Mexico City, Mexico a perfect and safe place for parents to leave their children. They actually made an extension of an old kindergarten from 1930. So, it has a “U” form so the play ground is surrounded by the actual building.

Is a perfect way to keep the kids inside and let them play freely. Even if it fallows a part of the existing building, the designers managed to bring a new and safe side to this kindergarten. The big rooms and few and only necessary furniture give a lot of place for the little ones to play and have fun.

They choose the white color for the walls, so they can play with the ceilings and floors. So, they used a lot of other calm colors such as yellow or orange to bring a cozy and quiet atmosphere. And, they let the colored furniture to bring happiness to the place. With no dangers around, with the windows very high and massive doors that can`t be opened by the kids, this kindergarten is a very safe one for the Mexican children.

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If you want your little ones to be safe and do their daily playing and activities in a nice atmosphere, this is the perfect place for them. Nice and yet very cozy and happy, it will be a delight for them to go there and not like a punish, how most of the children perceive their days when they go to kindergarten.



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