The perfect home for a young family

This house is like an exposition. You can see through the wide windows the perfect placed furniture. In fact, the non-covered glass doors let you see the dining-room like you’re watching a TV show. But, that’s not a problem for the owners, because the big fence covers it totally. The architects of Isay Weinfild designed this awesome house in the Brazilian city, São Paulo, in 2009, for a young couple and their daughter. So, the luxurious home looks just like a doll house from above and her very interesting architecture makes you love it the first time you see it.

The coolest thing is that from the house you can immediately take a step and arrive onto the always green garden. In fact, the trees are a very important object in the house’s design. And, even if the garden and the usual rooms cover a big part of the place, it still remains place for a gym room and a swimming pool.

The big glass doors that slide widely open onto the garden, so the dining room becomes a terrace by day and a part of the house by night. In fact, the entire architecture is based on the perfect match between the outdoor spaces and the indoor ones. That`s because the house uses a lot the natural light and ventilation that keeps a cool temperature and still a pleasant green view.

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The private parts of the house are assured by the second and the third floors which host three bedrooms and a family room and the basement has the garage, the mechanical room, the laundry room and some facilities for employees. Don`t forget about the outdoor gym and the swimming pool. What a lovely place to raise a child.{found on archdaily and pics by Leonardo}.



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