The perfect get away: the Ocean Guest House by Stelle Architects

Imposing by its architecture, with a rough design, the Ocean Guest House that Stell Architects have in construction is more than a guest house, it’s the perfect retreat near the Ocean. Built on the remains of a 1970’s house, it has 2 levels: upstairs there are 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a sitting place and a little kitchen. Downstairs we find the garage and the laundry room separated by the entrance of the house and in front we see the pool, the garden and of course the ocean.

The ocean view is it’s first advantage, made possible by the glass walls used in up to 40% of the building. The rest is made of fiber cement panels. The structure offers protection in rainy days and of the eyes of the neighbors.

Imagine yourself living in this house. Just enter this game and see yourself sitting in the kitchen, admiring the view after you have just taken a bath in the pool, drinking a cup of orange juice just before eating a sea-food salad. Your feet are between wet and moist and your towel is half dry while you swing in a rocking chair. The rain comes but you feel warm and protected while seeing the waves of the ocean growing bigger and bigger. Open your eyes and tell me: don’t you feel the smell of it? Enjoy the view!{found on homedsgn}

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