The Owhanake Bay Modern House in New Zealand

The Owhanake Bay House is a modern structure located on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. It was a project by Strachan Group Architects in collaboration with Tomik Ltd and Adam Mackenzie. The house is facing the outer islands of the Hauraki Gulf and it’s a peaceful family retreat. It was designed for a semi-retired couple who had very few requirements. They wanted a single-level structure, easily accessible. These sound like simple things to achieve but they turned out to be a challenge, due to the natural slopes on the site.

The house was designed with three narrow pavilions. It has a curved designed that bends to follow the natural contour of the land. Because of the partitioned design, the project required minimal excavation of the land while also allowing ease of movement, just the clients requested. The house is a peaceful retreat and it features a sort of verandah, a nice touch to the design. The three pavilions feature two wedges between them. These become spaces for gathering gather during rainy days.

The spaces between the pavilions are not empty. They include two bath-houses, one of which is a plunge pool/spa. These are areas at the limit between interior and exterior and they feature translucent polycarbonate roofs that allow natural light to get through. The main pavilion also features an outdoor room, west of the main living room. It’s like an extension of the interior living areas.

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The house was built using durable natural materials. It has concrete floors that have been insulated and plastered masonry. The insulated floors also provide passive solar heating using a 5-panel solar water collector with electric backup that also serves as a hot-water supplier for the rest of the house. The interior features timber finishes, wooden ceilings and pine walls that create a beautiful contrast while also adding warmth to the décor.{pics by Patrick Reynolds and found on archdaily}.



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