The ‘outside in’ Residence by Takeshi hosaka architects

This intriguing residence is located in Yamanashi, Japan and it was a project by Takeshi Hosaka architects. The residence is called “Outside In” and for a very good reason. As you can see, the delimitation between indoor and outdoor spaces is not very clear in this case. Actually, scenes from the nature have been brought inside as to offer the residents a feeling of freshness and harmony.

The Outside In residence is a single-storey private dwelling and it was built for a couple and their three children. The house sits next to a series of faming fields and there’s also a wooden plot to the south. The idea was to create a subtle gradation from the outdoors to the indoors and to try to integrate pieces of nature into the actual living space. The boundaries between interior and exterior have been almost completely dissolved.

The south façade of the house features a collapsible transparence surface that can be completely opened thus eliminating any obstacle that would separate the two spaces. There’s also a partially-sheltered garden area. The residence features a sawtoothed roof form and reinforced V beams that bring natural sunlight inside. The interior of the house has been functionally divided. The more private areas such as the bathrooms and bedrooms have been palced to the north while the public areas are located to the south.{found on designboom}

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