The Otama Beach House Retreat in New Zealand

The Otama Beach House was designed as a retreat but also as a place where the owner, a New York based architect, can reconnect with his New Zeeland roots. The house is located in Coromandel, New Zealand and it was designed by David Berridge Architect for David Berridge and Cathleen McGuigan. The construction was completed in 2012.

The beach house is a space where the owner was able to blend and combine all the elements he loves. He mixed all the elements he found out he likes in the past 30 years that he spent away and the elements that he still remembers from his past and that make him feel closer to his origins. The house is situated on a pie-shaped site. The main concern for this project was to minimize the dimensions of the rooms while also creating a flexible design that also creates a connection with the outdoor areas.

Given the fact that the architect was used to living in a tight apartment, the transition from that to a spacious and open beach house could be difficult. That’s why the dimensions of the rooms had to be kept as close as possible to those of the apartment. The beach house has the same exact layout and detailing as the architect’s KYC kitchen. Still, it was a beach house where the connection with the outdoors was essential. That’s why the living area is surrounded by decking on three sides. It’s a nice transition from city to the relaxing beach.{pictures by Patrick Reynolds and found on archdaily}.

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