The Osthang ski resort by Daniel Fagerberg Arkitekter

This is the Osthang ski resort. It’s located, as you probably guessed, in Osthang, in Ramundberget, -Bruksvallarna, -Härjedalen, -Sweden. It’s an interesting structure and it was a project by Daniel Fagerberg Arkitekter. The construction of the resort was completed in 2007.

The property measures a total of 1226sqm.The plans for this project were made in April 2006. The team of architects worked closely with the client and in April 2007 the first flats were handed over. The building has been organized along the hillside and a courtyard was also created. The project actually includes four distinctive buildings. They are divided into three apartments over two floors and a loft. There’s also an additional house that houses two more apartments.

The design of this project is based on the traditional perception of a loft shed. The four buildings have been constructed using cross laminated timber and fir paneling. Even though the inspiration was traditional, the new creation is modern. The overall design is very simple, with no useless details or architectural decorations. As for the interior, it’s warm and cozy, just how a ski resort should be like. It’s a place where you can relax and be cozy after a long and fun day outside. It’s where you can go to have some hot chocolate during the day and enjoy a long and comfy night.{found on archdaily and pics by PederSundström}

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