The One and Only, Haller House

Try to imagine a house in Austria, no matter if you have been there or not. You definitely think about mountains, fresh air, wonderful landscapes and a house which must not change what you have already imagined. Haller House is probably the best example. Its location is Mellau, Austria. At a first sight, it suggests the idea of fortress which seems to stand at the foot of the mountains in order to protect them. Even from the beginning, there is this certitude that it is the perfect house in the perfect place.Haller House it’s a collaboration between Haller Jürgen and Peter Plattner on 175 sqm living area.

The entire view is wonderful and the best part is that this compact house with its ideal position is totally in harmony with the surroundings. This customised building has an individual character and provides the perfect combination of a living and working place at the same time. As the position indicates, there is an optimal use of natural light, a very important condition for any house.

No matter the angle from which you look at the house, you get to the same conclusion: it looks perfect in its stunning simplicity and its reinterpretation of  local tradition. It has an air of originality, almost fortified and the details make everything unique. The use of wood gives that feeling of finding yourself in a cosy place and the large glass windows do not spoil it. It is beautiful in its structure and interiors also, and the perfect mixture of wood, glass and geometrical forms make it a unique home.

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