The Offset House – a spectacular example of beautiful contemporary architecture

Most often, when designing a building, architects have to deal with challenges raised by the site itself. In such cases it’s the side that dictates the design of the building. Even though it might not seem like a good example, this is also the case of the Offset House.

Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Offset House was designed and built by Shieh Arquitetos Associados. The architects in charge, Leonardo Shieh & Shieh Shueh Yau, worked with structural engineers from EMAC Projetos and electrical and hydraulic engineers from CZN Engenharia. Their goal was to create a contemporary residence for the clients.

The requests in terms of design were not restrictive or challenging. It was, in fact, the site that presented the most problems. The house was built on a site area that measures 545 square meters and it was completed in 2012. Even though it might seem like a friendly environment now, the house is a direct result of the site’s complicated geometry.

The house is composed of two sections, each placed on a different level. Seen from the exterior, it seems like a simple house with complicated contemporary lines. The striking exterior hides in fact irregularities found on the site and the name of the house is actually representative in this case. It was named the Offset House as it is a reflection of the sides of the lot.

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But even with all these challenges, the architects managed to come up with a beautiful design that was shaped to reflect all those problems in a beautiful way, the architecture is simple, with long, straight lines and with an overall minimalist design. The interior is also simple and the décor is chic and charming. Even though it seems like the house is being hidden behind those large walls, it has in fact a strong connection with the outdoors.



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