The Noa Cabin Is Made Of Wood And Has Six Zig-Zaging Sides

We’ve seen lots of house featuring unusual shapes and designs but this would have to be the first one that has six sides and an irregular form. Called Noa, this wooden cabin was designed by James Orgusaar and was built on a rhombic dodecahedron. From inside, it feels like a round space.

The six-sided cabin has a modular structure which allows it to be easily extended if needed. The floor plan is a hexagon and the walls and the roof are shaped like identical rhombuses.

This symmetry is shape means that other modules can be added on either side of the house. For now, the house only measures 25 square meters and it’s located in Estonia. However, its design allows it to be easily taken apart and transported elsewhere where it wold be reassembled.

The cabin was built from wood. The exterior cladding boards have a gray and weathered appeared because they were soaked with iron oxide. They allow the cabin to blend into the surroundings. The roof is made of insulated wooden boards. The cabin in raised off the ground and it practically stays on 3 feet. It doesn’t need a foundation and it’s more cold-resistant than usual houses. Inside the cabin, the walls are space and very bright and cheerful, even though there are only two windows in total.

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