The new Lutheran Church by Johan Celsing

This is a new church that was designed by Johan Celsing. It’s located in Stockholm, in the suburb of Årsta that was designed in the years following the Second World War by architect brothers Erik and Tore Ahlsén. The existing buildings from this rocky site date back to 1968 so they have similar designs and structures. This measnt aht this new construction stands out even more.

The new church is as Scandinavian as all the other buildings and yet it’s so different. It features a slightly different style. It’s a more modern construction and this is visible from every angle. The church is made of stark brown brick and capped in a layer of concrete. It has very large windows. There are two ways of entering the church, either from the existing community centre or from its own western door.

Inside, there’s a sort of cube, 13m square by 10m high with an impressive design. This area represents the worship space. The architects worked hard to create unseen light sources because he wanted to create a bright space, filled with light ad spirit. However, he gave up that idea and decided to rely only on the huge windows. Inside, the limestone baptismal font is placed on the central axis and its round basin is pulled towards the western entrance. The stone font is also embedded into the floor and its base intricately woven into the brick in a complex tessellation.{found on architectural-review}

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