The new Japanese house style

In Mathuyama, Ehime, Japan, architect Yuki Nogami from Coordinate House NOGAMI designed 10 Ken House wanting to introduce a new Japanese style, but also keeping it somewhat nostalgic. Its exterior side is simple, traditional, with white walls and black wooden pillars that sustain the balcony from the second story.

A soft tones wooden terrace makes the connection between interior and exterior, where there is a piece of terrain available for a future landscaped garden. Inside, in the living room we can see an amazing ceiling, a black and white combination of concrete and dark beams that helps the room being more light and airy, a place that doesn’t need so much furniture to be elegant and relaxing.  Connected to the living room, we can see the dining area and the kitchen, a place with simple lines, mostly decorated in wood.

The bathroom is another interesting room that deserves our attention. This place deviates a little bit from the main design theme, because it is decorated mostly in dark tones, with brown tiles on the walls and on the floors. A wooden custom made bath tub is located near the exterior glass wall, through which you can see a plant that decorates a very high fence placed there to provide intimacy. Speaking about intimacy, we can see that every single window and exterior door has specific Japanese style blinds which are also suitable if you want to keep sun away from rooms.{found on archdaily}.

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