The new Adelaide zoo entrance, featuring a stunning indoor vertical garden

This spectacular zoo is one of the most stunning places you can visit while in Adelaide, South Australia. The zoo has a new entrance which adds to its charm. The project was completed in 2010 and it was designed by Hassell architects.There are many interesting elements that define this place. For example, it features Australia’s first purpose-designed green roof.

It was designed to support wildlife shelter and living walls. The Entrance Precinct, on which we’re focusing right now, features a series of interlinked forecourts that cover 2000 square meters. They create a smooth connection and transition and they also provide access to cafes and exhibitions.Here you can also find a series of mesmerizing living walls and green roofs.

The complexity of the project and the vast areas covered with living organisms is the result of the effort of not having any loss of habitat. The living landscape is truly spectacular. It was designed to suit climatic and growing conditions of the area. They definitely give character to this place and they make it even more beautiful. Of course, achieving these results was not easy.

Research, testing and prototyping were necessary in order to encourage native species to inhabit the precinct. Also, another concern was to make sure that it keeps pace with the social, environmental and economic developments and it contributes to the creation of a harmonious environment. It’s yet another great example that features amazing vertical gardens and this time they can be seen both indoor and outdoor.

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