The Net-Zero Solar Laneway House by Lanefab

Introducing a new idea and design concept, the Lanefab Design/Build studio has recently completed the first Net-Zero Solar Laneway House from the city of Vancouver. The house was created as an addition to an already existing residential lot. It covers a total area of 1,020 feet and it has become the new home of the owners of the existing main house.

The house has only 1 bedroom and two bathrooms. However, it’s not the size that is important in this project. The new structure is a sustainable home that was built using prefabricated structural insulated panels or SIPs. It benefits from 95% LED lighting and it also includes a 500 gallon in-ground rainwater tank. And in case this wasn’t enough to impress, there’s drain water hear recovery, a hear recovery ventilator, an air source heat pump and an array of 12 solar panels on the roof.

I think it’s fair to say that the house is sustainable from the roof up till under the ground. You might expect such a structure to also have a futuristic design. The fact is that the Net-Zero Solar Laneway House integrates naturally into the surroundings and has a simple and not at all flashy design. It includes 18’ multi-fold doors that create a strong indoor-outdoor connection while also providing passive solar heating and the interior is warm and cozy as expected.

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