The Mummy Mountain Residence in Arizona, USA

We tend to cover a lot of beautiful contemporary houses from Arizona, USA, and here comes another entrant which is dubbed the Mummy Mountain Residence. Finished by Chen + Suchart Studio LLC, this house is in proximity with the natural properties of the construction site. The brains involved purpose-built CMU walls in an arrangement that allows the free flow of the landscape and the great views through the house. There are such great views on offer from this residence that you cannot just single out any site in particular as the best.

This house is very beautiful especially when you think about how beautiful it integrates in the surroundings. It’s a way of camouflaging your home to make it look more natural in its location. So the designers just used the color to create this effect. From the outside it doesn’t look very spectacular. It’s just another simple residence. But on the inside it’s a whole different story.

The interior design is also very simple, even minimalist and also modern. It’s elegant and sporty at the same time. It’s a simple and light décor, created for everyday use. The residence would be perfect family home. The surroundings are very beautiful, the landscape is amazing. If it wasn’t such a deserted area I would definitely like to live there, but I have a problem with open spaces and I like to feel surrounded by movement, so I prefer a crowded apartment.[ Photography: Bill Timmerman of Timmerman Photography ]

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