The Mountain Range Two-Storey House in New Zealand

The Mountain Range House is a modern residence located in Brightwater, New Zealand. It’s a very impressive building, not only by its size but also because of the stylish design. The house was a project by Nelson-based design studio Irving Smith Jack Architects and it was completed in 2009. It’s a beautiful two-storey residence designed for an inter-generational family.

The luxurious house features a contemporary design that’s neither too simple neither too opulent. It’s a very stylish structure that also benefits from a lovely location and beautiful surrounding landscape. This new structure is an addition to the family’s existing farmhouse. The existing structure was a series of separate spaces contained perimeter walls. The new addition is a little different. It’s a pavilion with open spaces and transitional areas that create a seamless connection with the outdoor areas.

Notice that all the structures that compose the residence are arranged in a way that allows them to mimic the shape of the mountains located near-by. The roof has an asymmetrical shape and a silhouette similar to that of the mountains. This creates a beautiful and unusual connection with the landscape but also connects the pavilions and allows them to form a single volume. Inside the house, the timber ceilings create a nice symmetry with the timber floors. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and the interior décor is modern and elegant.{found on Patrick Reynolds}.

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