The Mountain Gunderson House by WRB

The Gunderson House was designed by WRB Architects and is located in Haugesund, Norway. This is one of those cases when the location dictates the architecture of a building. Having a natural fjord as a backdrop, the house had to capture the views and to make the most of them.

It’s why the architects designed it with a glass facade and a linear structure. The house was built on the southern side of the plot, facing the ocean. The courtyard is secluded and the entrance is designed as a concrete box. Other amenities include a roof patio and a heated swimming pool.

The interior is inviting and modern, featuring an open plan living room with a welcoming décor that allows it to serve as the perfect entertainment space. The dining area is part of the same floor plan and it’s positioned close to the full-height windows, overlooking the mesmerizing panorama.

The kitchen opens onto the social spaces, featuring minimalist furniture, built-in appliances and hidden storage spaces. A large island with integrated sink separates it from the rest of the zones. The opposite side of the space is occupies by an interesting-looking modern sofa and a lounge chair in the corner, the perfect meditation or reading spot.

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