The most beautiful and luxury house in Mallorca, Spain

The most beautiful house in Mallorca is called Casa Son Vida. The designers of this amazing project won many architecture awards in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Switzerland. It is located on 8500 square food and everything inside and outside the property is so luxury that there is hardly a person who will not like it. Both the place and the house are awesome. In fact every bit of this house decoration and arrangement taken apart is great.

The designers have come up with a very original idea – the structure is not ordinary – it has curvaceous shape. The aim of the project was to change the idea of luxury and take it to a whole new level. Many people wanted to buy this piece of art – this is a proof that the designers have accomplished their work in the best way they could.

I will give you just a few examples of the things I noticed at first sight and which gave this house the great look: the big pool, the graceful architecture and the fact it is all white, the stylized elephant decor on the house wall, the golden mosaic covering one of the living room poles, the modern furniture, etc. In short everything about it and in it is awesome.

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