The modern Capela Creu extension in Portugal

Capela Creu is a chapel located at a University Centre in Rua Oliveira Monteiro, 562, Porto, Portugal. The chapel recently got an extension. It was a project by Nuno Valentim and Frederico Eça from Nuno Valentim Arquitectura. The total surface of the chapel now measures 45 square meters and it has a simple and modern design.

The original chapel was also beautiful but started to become too small for the increasing number of students attending it. As a result, an extension was needed so that the chapel could achieve an area of 50 square meters. The requirements were few and simple. The extension had to have reduced costs, to open the space towards the garden and to offer maximum comfort for the users. The resulting design combined several elements.

The chapel features a triangular patio with a beautiful tree at its base and the extension features mirrored glass walls. The new extension was squeezed between an 80s building and the back of the neighboring structure. The mirror was more than just a modern element used for this project. It ended up by having multiple functions. For example, it reflects the garden and creates connection with the exterior area. The garden also had to be redesigned.

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As for the interior of the chapel’s extension, it’s very simple. It features carpet on the floor, an opening in the ceiling from where light gets through and a large opening towards the garden mostly for the views. It’s a modern and minimalist project, a reinterpretation of the traditional and ancient motifs and a liberation of all the unnecessary details.{found on archdaily and pics by João Ferrand}.



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