The modern Bercherer House in Virginia

The Bercherer House is an interesting estate located on the hills of Albemarle County, Virginia. It has a very modern appearance but, at the same time, it also integrates beautifully into the surroundings, almost as if it were a natural part of the landscape. The house was designed by Robert M. Gurney Architects and it features a simple exterior enclosed by ranch-like, dark stained fences.

The house is in fact composed of three pavilions. They all offer wonderful views of the surrounding landscape and have floor-to-ceiling glass walls that allow them to do that. The indoor-outdoor connection is very strong and the transition between these spaces is smooth and almost unnoticeable. Nature is also brought inside, even in the most intimate areas. It infiltrates the design and harmoniously coexists with the artificial structures.

The interior is modern and very cozy and comfortable. The living room, dining room and the kitchen form a continuous area that becomes functional and flexible. As for the décor, the designers opted for a simple strategy. They used a limited color palette mostly composed of neutral color shades. The materials used include lots of glass and wood and create a strong connection with nature and also create a cozy, casual and elegant look. Overall, the Bercherer House is a beautiful combination of natural and artificial but a stylish shell.

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