The Modern Architecture And Unusual Shape Of The Hill House

The Hill House is a residence located in Mount Martha, Australia. As you can see, it has a very imposing structure and design. However, the initial plan was quite different. The house was a project by Rachcoff Vella Architecture. At first, the idea was to create a simple and tranquil home that takes advantage of its location. It was supposed to be a simple but not modest beach house for a single client. But then the plan changed. There were several factors involved.

One of them was the size and shape of the lot. The narrow site has a north-south orientation with beautiful and panoramic views. The client wanted to take advantage of these views. The house was designed into two parts. First the team took care of the simple linear plan and the curvaceous form that follows the shape of the site. Then they had to give the house personality and character so the façade had to stand out.

The result was a beautiful house with a sculptural design. It has an artistic look and it offers a flexible living space. It was carefully designed with a selection of great materials and with great attention to detail. The Hill House is a two-story detached residence designed to offer its owner and his guests a relaxing environment and an inviting atmosphere.

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The interior was designed to interact with the exterior and, most importantly, with the views. The interior design and layout are flexible and functional. The color palette is simple and mostly composed of neutral shades combined with simple textures and matt finishes.



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