The Mobile House You Can Take With You On Vacations

I don’t know about you but every time I have to go on vacation or on a weekend getaway and I see how much stuff I want to take with me I wish I could just take the whole house with me. It would be so simple. Of course, it sounds crazy when you think about it but it’s not that unusual once you learn that some houses can actually do that.

This, for example, is a transportable home. This means that you can basically take it with you wherever you go. It’s a home concept by Ábaton architects. Not only that it gives you the possibility to just pick up the whole house with a truck and take it with you but it also has a very nice interior.

You would expect such a house to be cramped and ugly inside but it’s surprisingly bright and beautiful. The best part about its design is that huge window or, actually, glass wall.

It lets you admire the panoramic views you traveled so long to see and it also lets in lots of natural light which is usually missing from transportable homes. As for the rest of the design, maybe you’ve noticed that the structure is actually shaped like a house so it will make you feel cozy and comfortable just like in an actual home and not inside a truck. Inside there’s enough space for all the necessities and even for some decorations.{found on Jelanie Blog}.

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