The Melbourne Kew Residence With Pool

I have always liked modern houses that manage to impress even the most critical person. What is called the Kew house 3 is located nowhere else than in a suburb of Melbourne, Kew, in Australia and was designed by Vibe Design Group. Why do I like this house? Because it is an appropriate expression of the elegance of the 20th modernist style.

If the outside is a complex mixture, the interior is characterized by an elegant simplicity that does not need too many words. No matter from what perspective you see things, the main level of the house suggests transparency, in spite of the apparent strange shape of the building, which seems to imitate a game.

The surrounding area provides everything you might think of : a pool, a green space, a nice view, while the interior breathes an air of simplicity and elegance. The wide glass windows let you see the interior world at a different scale, everything being spread over a large area.

Every floor is impressive, no matter from what angle you look; first, there is the impression of a wide, open space, so important in every home and here is present in all the rooms. No matter you are in the ideal kitchen, dreams come true, in the bedroom – the huge bed seems to invite you to have some rest and in the living room- there is the same atmosphere of perfect harmony. Everywhere in this house, the pieces of furniture  seem to exist in order to highlight the entire place, a model of elegance and modernity.

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