The Mediterranean Charm Of The Paeco House From Castel Di Lima

The Paeco House is located in Castel Di Lima, Italy and it’s a very beautiful house. It was designed by Studio Emanuele Scaramucci. The architecture is very interesting. The architects working at this project chose a combination of materials that includes brick as an accent feature. Since it’s typically used for rural constructions, seeing brick included in a contemporary project is quite unusual. The house also has a strong Mediterranean look reflected in several aspects.

The house is composed of two large blocks. They are white and very simple structures so there’s not much you can say about this property unless you get to go inside. The layout chosen for the project puts the living area on the ground floor. The first floor is a sleeping zone so the two are nicely separated. The private and public spaces are each situated on different levels.

In total, the house occupied a surface of 160 square meters. The site measures 500 square meters so the rest is vegetation and some outdoor living spaces. The architecture and the design are simple and modern. The west side of the house features a large overhang. It’s a porch and a nice extension for the indoor areas.

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The house has large windows throughout and this is always a mark of contemporary architecture. The interior is bright, simple and elegant. Moreover, the house is also energy-efficient and this only adds to its charm. Another interesting detail you might like to know about this structure is that the whole project was completed in 9 months.



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