The Magnificent Casa China Blanca in Mexico

This modern villa is located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and it’s a wonderful and intimate getaway destination. It’s a wonderful place to visit and a private location for single couples, families and friends. It’s also a lovely place for events such as weddings or anniversaries. The villa is called Casa China Blanca and has a modern and elegant design.

The exterior of the villa is entirely white making it stand out with its crisp, fresh look. This luxurious retreat features wonderful interior and exterior spaces as well as a large swimming pool with adjacent lounge areas and beautiful green vegetation. The villa offers five bedrooms, eight bathrooms and five dining areas. It can accommodate up to 10 guests. The interior is modern and simple. The walls are white throughout the villa with few exceptions in the case of the bathrooms. The décor is soothing and elegant and all the rooms have floor-to-ceiling glass walls with views of the ocean.

The villa is very close to the ocean and offers expansive views of Pacific’s beautiful Banderas Bay making this a very romantic retreat. Guests can enjoy unique moments in the pool, overlooking the vast ocean or visit the white-sand beaches and the coral reefs with translucent blue water. Casa China Blanca is a dreamy getaway destination. It’s a private villa with impeccable interior and exterior designs and with elegant and luxurious decors.

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