The luxury Kudos residence from Dorset, England

Most often, the most difficult part of building a house is choosing its location. It’s a long and challenging search and the goal is to find the location that offers the most advantages and this usually includes views and convenience. This property has it all. The Luxury Kudos residence is located in Dorset, England and it’s a contemporary home with an eye-catching design.

The striking curves and all the other architectural details are just elements that add character to the residence. The location and the elevated position of this residence offer views across Poole Harbour. As for the actual design, it’s somewhere at the limit between simple and sophisticated. The architects carefully chose every detail when designing this place and the result is a harmonious residence with just the right touch of uniqueness.

Inside the residence, there are many beautiful design elements that deserve to be admired. The wood and glass staircase is just one of them. Each room is unique. The kitchen is spacious and fully equipped with amazing appliances that include two full-sized ovens, a microwave, fridge and freezer as well as a wine cooler. The patterned wallpaper and the subtle lighting make it feel both stylish and inviting.

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Both the living room and the master bedroom have floor-to-ceiling windows which provide views of the beautiful surroundings. The master bedroom and the guest bedrooms also have walk-in closets and stylish furniture throughout. You can see that, even though the décor is simple, every detail has been carefully chosen and the overall design is very nicely-balanced.Every part of this residence is luxurious.


The bathrooms are no exception. They are not particularly large but they have a very inviting décor that is reminiscent of a spa. Each room has a unique décor but there are elements that bring them all together and they include the walnut internal doors and even some of the furniture pieces.



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