The Lumbrein Residence in Graubunden, Switzerland

Located in Graubunden, Switzerland, at the periphery of the village, this small but lovely home brings dynamism into the surrounding area and creates a nice geometrical image. The house was built and designed by Hurst Song Architekten. They didn’t want to build a standard traditional home, but more like a modern and simple home, with only the strictly necessary elements.

The landscape was not very friendly at the beginning and it didn’t change much since then. The house stands on a sloping field which would be a big inconvenience for some people. However, it wasn’t an obstacle for these owners and the architects working at the project. The entry to the house is made through the basement. The house was designed in a way that would make it face the street and also allow the users to enjoy the wonderful views.

The house has a very definite geometrical shape, with few but effective windows and a glass door. The roof is made of vertical wooden planks, which have been treated with a waterproof dark stain. The rest of the house is a combination of concrete, wood and glass. The living room has concrete floor and walls, while the bedroom is a little more inviting and friendly, featuring wood floors with matching timber walls and ceiling. There also a garage incorporated into the design.

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