The Loughloughan Barn – a beautifully preserved piece of the past

Located in Broughshane, Northern Ireland, the Loughloughan Barn is a stunning project that was designed here by McGarry Moon Architects. It’s a wonderful preservation and restoration of the existing stone barn.

The original barn is a stone structure built here where it offers amazing views. The architects that worked on this project had the task to preserve and consolidate the stone structure and to find a way to seamlessly and harmoniously combine the old with the new.

They designed the project as a fusion between new technologies and old building techniques. They also wanted the project to follow a sustainable design. The result was this wonderful 1,184 square foot structure. It has a modern appearance but it hides a very interesting design.

The exterior is very smooth and the expansive glass portions contrast with the stone walls that surround the barn. The huge windows and glass walls of the structure that rises above the stone elements offer stunning views of the beautiful surrounding landscape.

The interior design is dynamic and more modern than the exterior. By using the foundation and outer walls of the old barn, the new structure hides behind a historic shell that gives it character. The new metal framework sustains an upper level almost completely open onto the exterior. The living areas cantilever over the existing stone structure and contrasts with the existing structure but there’s also a nice dialogue between old and new.

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