The Long Narrow House by Hopkins Architects

This residence is located in the village of Cockthorpe in Norfolk, England. It was designed by London-based design studio Hopkins Architects and the project is called The Long House. The name reflects the actual shape of the house. Completed in 2011, this residence is a two-story contemporary structure with a modern and functional internal structure.

The house is actually a rentable holiday home. It has a design inspired by the surrounding building from the area but with an original and modern twist. The house has two floors connected by an internal spiral-shaped wooden staircase. The ground level is enclosed by two parallel flint walls. It also features two outdoor spaces. The indoor-outdoor transition is seamless and smooth and the decors are similar and create a continuous and cohesive image.

The ground floor features an open plan. It includes a large kitchen connected to a dining room. They form a common area. There’s also a gallery hall, a sitting room and one bedroom. The upper floor contains the other four bedrooms. It’s a private area and it offers beautiful and expansive views of the surrounding countryside. The bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms. They are all spacious and minimally decorated. The whole house features a neutral color palette and a minimalist décor. Each room seems to have a distinct look and uses different colors. However, there’s an overall continuous design that makes the house seem like a whole.

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