The London 2012 Olympic Velodrome

When creating a design you always need to keep in mind the purpose for which it is intended and the targeted users. It seems like the team working at this project had that covered. This is the London 2012 Olympic Velodrome. It’s a space that was designed to reflect the events that take place inside it. The roof of the Velodrome is a close representation of the geometry of cycling.


The Hopkins architects were the ones who got to design this place. They faced a big challenge lying is the fact that cyclists prefer lower air density when seeking record-breaking performances. In this case it meant that the temperature inside had to be kept around 82.4 degrees. In order for that to happen and to also offer the spectators the comfort they want, the heat and the AC need to be permanently up. This means this project is not the most environmentally-friendly from the area. Still, if we take into consideration the fact that the Velodrome uses natural lighting and ventilation we can sleep well at night.

Another element that helps in this case is the technique called Thermal Mass. The concrete used acts as a heat exchange system that regulates the temperature. This maintains the climate and also serves as insulation. Anyway, there’s more to the Velodrome than just the technical details. It also has a stunning design. The roof is an eye-catching element. Its shape is inspired by the cycling geometry and it reflects well the main purpose of this building.{found on hopkins}.

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