The Logan Residence in Scottsdale, Arizona

The Logan Residence is located in Scottsdale, Arizona and was designed by Jones Studio. The owner of this house, Kent Logan wanted to have a place designed especially for his art collection and only after that a place to live in. His wish came true, the result being a private museum and a personal residence at the same time. Contrary to all expectations, this building, which is also a family  residence, is placed in the desert.

The beautiful design is a testimony of the fact that the construction was built in order to reflect the surroundings, the natural desert beauty. Who could imagine having a gallery in his house? This owner could! His personal museum is like a sunray on a cloudy sky. It has multiple galleries, each having a different daylight technique; the rooms in themselves are simple, the colorful paintings on the walls and the statues are the ones that make the difference and give sense to the place.

The owner had the great idea of creating this universe for himself  and  living surrounded by art,  in a pleasant atmosphere, in a cultural environment. It is definitely a sublime treat! The house in itself is an example of modernity and every room has at least one artistic element: a painting, a sculpture, a carving on the wall. This is probably the best and the most interesting idea of a unique home!

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