The Laidley House by Zack|de Vito Architecture

The 147 Laidley House is located on a typical 25′x100′ San Francisco infill lot and was designed and built by the Architect owners, Jim Zack and Lise de Vito. The house covers 3,000 sq ft and it incorporates three + bedrooms three bathrooms and an open plan living floor with dramatic views of the City, the Bay and the Bay Bridge.

The Laidley House by Zackde Vito Architecture22

The design of the house is modern and open, expressive in terms of materials used in the construction, with elegant and interesting details and craft. Yet it was easily assimilated into its urban context of  older houses.  The attention to detail is best exemplified by the interior stair custom fabricated from water jet cut steel stringers, acrylic treads and steel and glass guardrails.

It’s certainly a unique house. But keep in mind that the owners are architects so we couldn’t expect less from them.With a design like this, I wouldn’t want to leave the house ever again.


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