The L-Shaped House In Barra da Tijuca by Progetto

Situated in Rio de Janeiro, this contemporary residence was developed by Progetto Arquitetura. The house was completed in 2010 and has an L-shaped floor plan divided into two blocks. One block is smaller and houses the entertainment and leisure areas such as the barbecue zone, the SPA, the gym or the swimming pool showers. The large block houses the rest of the spaces.

A small patio leads to the entrance which is defined by a 2-storey high door. A hallway connects the ground floor spaces to the ones found upstairs and to the garden. The main block features a living room, home theater, dining room, kitchen, laundry areaa and an office, all found on the ground level.

The first floor of the larger block contains the bedrooms and a TV room. The children’s suites and the master bedroom are placed separately. The house also has an underground level which contains a garage, a cellar and a storage area.

The interior is simple, featuring white-painted walls and ceilings, modern furniture, simple and neutral colors and an overall balanced décor. Materials such as stone and wood were used in the bathrooms in order to make them inviting and to connect them to nature through the glass walls.

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