The Kobuchi Apartment, a project in Japan

This contemporary building is located in Kanagawa, Japan. It was a project by Toru Kudo + architecture WORKSHOP in collaboration with EJIRI Structural Engineers and Kankyo Engineering Inc. and it was completed in 2006. The building covers an area of 443.56 square meters. It resembles a big residence but it’s in fact a complex of apartments.

The building consists of several rental apartment and six residences that were exclusively designed for the owner families. It was a project that aimed at prioritizing economic performance. It basically introduces the concept of grouped families. It’s a space shared by several families and it’s been divided into spaces that can be rented and spaces that can be bought. This way there’s a balance and a sense of diversity.

The building has four levels. The rental apartments and owners’ residences are visually different. The owners’ residences have steel structures while and rental apartments sit on a base platform and have reinforced concrete structures. There is also a public area that can be accessed by all residents. It’s a garden-like space that occupies an entire floor. It’s a sort of large living room for the entire building and it’s a space where residents are encouraged to interact and spend time together. Overall, it’s an interesting project that encourages communication and the concept of living in peace and harmony.{found on archdaily}.

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