The Kindred Contemporary House by Anagram Architects

The Kindred House is a contemporary residence located in India. It was a project developed by Anagram Architects. The house was built for two brothers and their families. It’s a rare situation when you see two brothers being so close and actually wanting to live together. In India it’s the opposite that’s odd. The situation is quite uncommon but so is the design of the house.

In India, traditional homes include three or more generations. In this case the architects only had to take into consideration the two families that requested the project. However, this meant that they had to design multiple social spaces and specific zones for each member of the family. Both the interior and the exterior of the house include spaces where the two families can spend time together. Of course, each family has its own delimitated space. Still, there are shared areas.

As for the interior and the décor, the residence is bright and filled with natural light. Most of the rooms are simple and modern. There are some eye-catching elements. The house features a block that houses the guestroom. This area features an unusual tiling pattern given by the wood-clad structure. However, this also has another function besides the visual contrast. Since the building is facing south, it’s exposed to high temperature gain. The voids between the blocks draw a gentle breeze into the house. Overall this is a beautiful project, full of surprises{found on archdaily}.

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