The Kern residence in Castle Pines, Colorado

If you want to built a Zen house, you can inspire from this amazing residence in Castle Pines, Colorado built by Semple Brown.  The whole construction project was focused on creating a Japanese environment, with plenty of rocks and many species of plants, trees and shrubs. Having around  12,000 square feet, this kind of house gives you the opportunity to meditate in  any corner of the big, beautiful garden, because the constructors and designers created a place where you can fuse with the nature.

The house is just a shelter, a place from where you can admire the beautiful Japanese garden with many ponds, pathways and many architectural combinations. Also modern and sophisticate, this house has concrete walls and many open spaces with large, floors to ceilings windows, perfect if you want to combine the interior design with the beautiful view from outside. Being surrounded by nature, it’s not necessary to use opaque doors and big curtains for intimacy, so the owners have chosen to live in a place with as many as possible glass surfaces, to have permanent access to the exterior.

Inside, thanks the concrete walls, the house may look a little cold, but the wooden areas from certain walls, ceilings and floors give warmth to this living space, and the interesting decorations, together with the lightening equipment create a Zen ambiance. It’s amazing how the mixture between concrete, wood, steel, glass, fire and nature can lead to such a balanced house.{found on contemporist}.

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