The Ipês house, an exposed concrete box in Brazil

The idea of using exposed concrete to build a house has been around for many years but only recently architects dared to use as a main material in their designs. There have been experiments but they weren’t really inspiring for the rest of the architects. Recently, the whole situation changed. The Ipês house is an example that confirms that.

The house is located in São Paulo, Brazil. It was designed by StudioMK27 and it’s basically an exposed concrete box. This material has been used throughout the upper volume. It’s a compact structure that seems to be floating above a glass volume. The ground volume includes a large living room that then expends to the veranda and the garden. The indoor-outdoor barrier is almost invisible. The upper floor contains a TV room and a series of bedrooms with a concrete wall as a façade. The interior is wrapped in wood that creates thermal comfort and a warm and cozy atmosphere.

The idea behind the design was to create a floating box with a modern design. Exposed concrete helped with that and also allowed the architect to play with other materials such as wood in order to create contrasts in terms of texture and color. As for the internal structure of the house, it’s a functional space with a modern décor. The use of brute materials helps with the modern and striking design.

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