The Insite Home – A Tiny Solar-Powered House In Vermont Built Of Reclaimed Materials

The Insite home is a house with a very creative and efficient design. It was built and designed by a team from Middlebury College for Solar Decathlon 2013 and it was intended for young families. The design focuses on energy efficiency and sustainability and the goal was to create a comfortable living environment which doesn’t require ongoing maintenance.

The tiny house has a steel frame and wood siding and the team also used locally-sourced and reclaimed materials for the project such as the barn wood siding. The walls are filled with cellulose and have a 14” thick insulating barrier, perfect for the cold Vermont winters. Insite has a 971 sq ft (90.2 sq m) floor plan without including the mechanical room.

The main living space has a large island which separates the kitchen from the sitting area and there’s also a dining nook in the corner. The steel structural frame and ductwork are exposed here for an industrial touch. The living area and the bedrooms are separated for privacy.

The bedrooms are small but cozy and there’s an overall warm and comfortable décor throughout. The exposed steel features give the house an industrial chic look while the wood elements add warmth to the space and also make the rooms look elegant and timeless. The mechanical room is centrally-located and it’s the tallest part of the house.{found on smallhousebliss and images by Carolyn Bates Photography}.

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