The ingenious Maruma House in Mexico City

The Maruma House is a contemporary private residence located in Mexico City, Mexico. It was a project by Fernanda Canales and it was competed in 2011. The project covers an area of 500 square meters. The client had a series of specific requests that made this project quite challenging. The requests were not difficult to achieve n other circumstances but they made everything challenging in this case.

The idea was to design a spacious home that would be both open and private and that would also have a flexible interior. It had to include a series of isolated spaces but an overall open design. It sounds like a difficult challenge, considering the shape and size of the site. The architect managed to come up with a perfect solution. A system of overlapping boxes was created. Inside, the boxes are either connected or independent structures and this allows the owner to enjoy the flexible design that he wanted while also being able to use the private areas that he requested.

The building features an elongated and elevated body that sits on top of a transparent volume. On top of the second level there’s another rectangular volume with terraces on both sides. The ground floor contains the public areas of the house and it also has access to the garden. It’s a flexible space that can be easily opened to the exterior. The volume on top of this one contains a small living room, the kitchen and a roofed terrace. The other volume contains the bedrooms and the family room with bathrooms and closets in between them.{found on archdaily and pics by Sandra Pereznieto}.

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