The Imposing Escola Bressol Nursery by Batlle i Roig Arquitectes

Providing a design for a nursery is not as fun as it might seem. It needs to satisfy two very different types of clients. It needs to be fun and cheerful for the kids but it also needs to convince their parents that it’s a safe and suitable environment for their children. For Batlle i Roig Arquitectes it was a challenge that proved to have very successful results.

This is the Escola Bressol Nursery. It’s located in Barcelona, Spain and it was a project by Batlle i Roig Arquitectes. The building is an industrial-style structure with a very interesting design. Structurally, it has a minimalist, contemporary look. It looks compact, imposing and quite mysterious, given the almost complete lack of visible windows. Nevertheless, the interior is bright and cheerful. The nursery is almost entirely wrapped with a secure structure that shields it from unwanted views from the exterior. This makes it a very private and safe space, a detail that is high on the parents’ list.

The interior of the nursery is very fun and colorful. The hallways resemble large rainbows and the rooms are bright and decorated with colorful and modern furniture. The kids can have fun both indoors and outdoors. Their outdoor play space includes the ground floor and all the enclosed safe areas on each floor. So, overall, this imposing nursery is safe, fun and colorful and it’s a great place for kids to learn, play and socialize.

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